MY Pathways

MY Pathways program, based in Launceston,  works with young people from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who are disengaged, or at risk of disengagement, with the community, education and employment and/or are displaying anti-social behaviour.
The MY Pathways program is an early intervention program that works with at risk clients through case management and group work, facilitating targeted interventions based on the participants own goals.

The program is designed to support young people from migrant backgrounds to thrive in the local community and to facilitate community safety goals around social cohesion. Participants referred into the program will undergo an intake and assessment and if suitable will receive wrap around intensive support.

Eligibility: Young people between 14-25 yrs. from multicultural backgrounds, including young people born in Australia and whose parents arrived as migrants, refugee or asylum seekers.

MY Pathways Men’s Group

MY Pathways Men’s program works with disadvantaged/ disengaged young people to develop skills that will enhance and support active citizenship by supporting participation in employment, education and sport and recreation.  The men’s group uses a peer support model, creating a space for young men to gather and learn from each other, building resilient and confidence a sense of belonging in Tasmania.

The Men’s program is committed to providing social support, information, and activities in a relaxed and non –threatening environment for young men from migrant and refugee backgrounds.


  • Enhance confidence and build leadership skills
  • Create a sense of belonging and purpose for young men
  • Alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Increase feelings of self-worth, and provide mutual support and care for others
  • Validate concerns, challenges and barriers these young men may have or currently experiencing
  • Provide a space that is fun and enjoyable

When: every Friday from 1pm. Please contact Jal or Yousef at for more information.